To help speed up brush cleanup dip the brush in the correct solvent up to the top of the bristles before use. This will help draw solvent deep into the brush and make cleanup a little easier at the end of the project.

The “correct solvent” depends on the finish you plan to use. The directions on the can should provide more details. As a general rule use water for water based finishes. Oil based finishes such as oil-based paint, polyurethane, and varnish, should be dipped in mineral spirits. Lacquer thinner should be used with lacquer and alcohol with shellac.

Formula II Creme Brush Cleaner

Make clean up even easier and make you brushes last longer with J.W. Etc. Brush Cleaner.

J.W. etc. Formula II Creme Brush Cleaner is an effective cleaner for both oil and acrylic paint. It can even remove paint stains from clothes!

Formula II revitalizes old brushes (natural or synthetic) and restores the fine chisel. It is non-petroleum based and is non-toxic with a fresh aroma. The cleaner contains lanolin and is safe and kind to your hands. Dirty brushes can be dressed in Formula II and placed in a plastic bag for clean-up later. Repeated use will not harm your finest brushes.

Easy to use. First clean with soap and water to remove most of the paint or stain. Then work Formula II into the bristles to remove all traces of paint or stain.