A big question we get is how do I install the 5mm (3/16″) barrel hinges we sell at woodworkingparts (http://www.woodworkingparts.com/products/Barrel-Hinge-Solid-Brass.html). They are easy to do by following these simple directions.

Make a scrap piece of wood at least 2 inches longer than the distance the hinge will be located from the end of the box you are installing the barrel hinge. This piece of wood should be as thick as the box sides material and perfectly square on one end. Also the scrap piece wood can’t be thicker than your 5 mm drill bit can completely drill through.

From the square end of the scrap wood,mark the distance you want the hinge from the end and another mark for the offset the hinge requires for opening. In thin stock only inset the hinge an 1/8″ or so.

Next carefully align these marks with the point of your drill bit and align your drill press fence or straight edge so that it serves as a reference. Butt this end against another straight piece of scrap and clamp it in place while firmly holding your reference piece against the fence. Mark the front face so you will remember which it is.

Now drill all the way through your scrap piece of wood. Go slow and carefully watch that the drill straight and true. Also but a scrap piece of wood underneath to prevent chip out.

Now you’re ready to drill for the hinges in the box.

Remove the wood piece you drilled completely through. Butt one corner of the box bottom or top, it does not matter which you do first against the stop clamped to the fence. Drill your hole for the hinge a hair deeper than 1/2 of the hinge. This allows room for glue.

Put the opposite corner of the lid against the stop and drill the hole as you just did above.

Now you have one hole in the box bottom and one in the lid but they are at opposite ends of the box.

Take the piece of scrap that you drilled the 5 mm hole all the way through and rotate it end for end. Align the drill bit and insert it in the hole all the way through and clamp the block to your fence. Make sure the mark you made identifying the front is visible.

Clamp your stop block tightly against the drilled scrap and now you located the drill bit precisely in the same location on the opposite end of your box.

Drill your remaining two holes and your hinge holes will align perfectly.

Now 45 degree Chamfer the back edge of the box so that the chamfer passes through the centerline of the hinge holes, allowing the box to open to 90 degrees.

Use a small amount of glue. A good way to do this is with the end of a small piece of wood or a tooth pick to glue the hinges in. Insert the hinges carefully aligning them so that they open in the right direction. Now apply a little glue to the other holes and press the two halves together. Make sure the box opens and closes before the glue cures.

Your now done with the installation. Practice makes it easier every time you do it.